Pattern Imprinted Concrete Pathways

beautiful imprinted concrete driveways & paths in dublin

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Pathways

Is the outside of your house missing something? It might be a convenient pathway from the driveway to the back door, or a pathway through the garden so that you can walk through with ease. One of the most popular options for pathways are pattern imprinted concrete ones, that really stand out. Custom Crete has over ten years of experience providing concreting services, and are one of the most reputable companies to offer pattern imprinted concrete pathways Dublin. All of our staff are highly trained and professional, and are dedicated to providing you with the outdoor living space that you are looking for.

Why you should choose a pattern imprinted concrete pathway for your home

Pattern imprinted concrete pathways Dublin are becoming more and more popular, thanks in part to their versatility. This style allows you to design a pathway that is unique and perfect for your property. Custom Crete has a range of different colours, finishes, and patterns for you to choose from. You can even mix and match styles and colours to create a truly unique pathway!

This type of pathway can often be easier to walk on than completely smooth surfaces. Pattern imprinted pathways can be designed with a pattern to help reduce the slipperiness of a traditional pathway. Smooth concrete often does not give shoes any hold or grip, but if this is a worry of yours, we can guide you to choose a pattern that is likely to help with this, making movement a little more stable when you are outside.

Custom Crete is one of the most dependable providers of pattern imprinted concrete pathways Dublin

We can create pathways for you in any shape and size that you need. We can create them to surround flowerbeds or ponds, the sky’s the limit in your garden! Part of our rigorous planning process involves coming and assessing your living space early on, so that we can understand the space that we will be working with. Our expert professionals can also offer you advice if you are not fully certain about what you want.

We are able to do everything to install a pathway for you in your home, from planning, all the way through to execution and clean up. Custom Crete is more than capable of preparing the ground before we lay the pathway. If your land is on a slope, we are more than capable of levelling it, before we start. We have a team of amazing contractors to help you throughout the entire process of laying a brand new pathway, so that you do not need to seek the help of multiple separate companies, which could elongate the process and be difficult for you. We can do it all!

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Low maintenance

Low maintenance of pattern imprinted driveways weed free and extremely durable

Completely customisable

Completely Customisable​ driveways in a number of attractive designs, patterns and colours

Beautifully finished

pattern imprinted concrete surfacing that’s also suitable for patios, steps, footpaths and other embellishments

Easy to clean

Easy to clean and maintain pattern imprinted driveways, with a long-lasting and durable finish



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