Are you looking for something unique to freshen up your outdoor living area? Try wallcrete! Ths pattern imprinted concrete allows you to transform drab, old walls into something far more exciting. Although it is mostly used on outdoor walls, at Custom Crete we are more than happy to wallcrete anything else you want – interior walls, even dog kennels!

What is wallcrete?

Wallcrete is pattern imprinted concrete that is designed specifically to be used on wall structures. Wallcrete Dublin is becoming increasingly popular, transforming thousands of outdoor spaces into areas that are far bolder, and really reflect the personality of the owners. Traditional concrete may be far too heavy to place onto a wall, thus wallcrete has many of the same properties, but is much lighter, reducing the strain on the underlying structure it has been applied to.

Custom Crete is able to imprint pattern wallcrete, just like with all of our other services. This means that your outdoor wall will be able to provide your outdoor area with a little personality! We have a range of different patterns and styles for you to choose from, so you can make a choice that really suits your taste. We are able to pattern wallcrete to imitate other materials, such as bricks or stacked rocks. Wallcrete is often a better option compared to others, because it is cheaper and known to last longer.

Custom Crete ensures that your walls will be top quality

Although wallcrete is generally placed on top of existing walls, if you want us to create an outdoor wall for you, we are able to do that as well. We work with a team of amazing contractors who can place a wall, and prepare it for us to wallcrete. This saves you the hassle of trying to coordinate multiple different companies to complete a single job – we can do it all for you, and probably at a cheaper rate. It also saves you time, because we can complete each part of the task as soon as possible, allowing you to enjoy your new wallcrete as soon as possible.

We will also make sure that you are completely satisfied with the finished product. Pattern imprinted concrete looks great when it is done professionally and accurately. If the pattern mats are placed incorrectly, or the concrete is not placed properly, you can be left with a subpar result. At Custom Crete, our friendly staff have over a decade of experience with pattern imprinted concrete. We assure you that our services are top notch, and you will have some of the best looking wallcrete Dublin, if you choose to work with us!

Common Applications:

  • Internal and External Walls
  • External Cladding for Houses
  • Limit Walls
    Garden Sheds and Outbuildings
  • Garden Walls
  • Fireplace Surrounds
  • Coping Stones
  • Lintels, Cornerstones and Archways
    Even Fish Ponds and Dog Kennels.

Although the abilities needed are a mix of those utilized inscribing concrete and plastering walls the preparation for and procedure of setup have extremely particular phases; although it is not especially complicated, in order to accomplish a great task it is definitely important that the installers have a total understanding of the treatments, consisting of the application of the render itself and the surface area it is to be used to, plus the inscribing and colouring procedures and the unique touches that will include a special touch to each and every task.

WALLCRETE is a lasting, light-weight and flexible bagged render item, which supplies a spectacular surface to internal and external walls and other jobs such as amusement park, fishponds and kennels!

* NOTE: Check our other services: pattern imprinted concrete driveways, imprinted concrete patios, concrete pathways, imprinted concrete kerbs & steps, wallcrete and benefit from our discounts. Or just simply contact us for a free quote. Please also have a look at our amazing testimonials and the gallery. Also check the colours, patterns, features and FAQ section.

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Low maintenance

Low maintenance of pattern imprinted driveways weed free and extremely durable

Completely customisable

Completely Customisable​ driveways in a number of attractive designs, patterns and colours

Beautifully finished

pattern imprinted concrete surfacing that’s also suitable for patios, steps, footpaths and other embellishments

Easy to clean

Easy to clean and maintain pattern imprinted driveways, with a long-lasting and durable finish



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